Healing Arts Institute — Billings, Montana


Whether you are looking to make big changes in your health and lifestyle choices or just need some simple guidance, the experts at Healing Arts Institute can help you.  We specialize in nutritional coaching, exercise programs and overall lifestyle programs.  We can help you change your daily habits to achieve the level of health you desire.  

7 Systems Plan 

Are you dealing with diabetes, high cholesterol, or low energy? Try our 7 Systems Plan to improve your waistline and add years to your life. The 7 Systems Plan has transformed the lives of countless overweight and ill people.

"It is mind-boggling how an instructor can keep her classes and her motivation at the level that entices people to want to continue to work out with her week after week for 14 years. Amy’s level of professionalism and knowledge extends beyond other instructors I have also had the luxury of working out with - to the degree that I am willing to travel to the opposite end of town from where I live to continue her level of intensity workout that I have grown accustomed to."

— Melinda O

"The preservation of health is easier than the cure of the disease."

— BJ Palmer


  1. Improve your lifestyle
  2. Easy to follow system that's not super restrictive
  3. Learn how to make healthy choices and cook your own healthy food

“Great place to get helpful information and a good massage.”

Laura B.

Nutritional Supplements

We exclusively carry the NutriDyn line of supplements. NutriDyn is a company that formulates innovative quality nutraceuticals for health and longevity, as well as setting the global quality standard in clinical nutrition. Whether you need a basic multi-vitamin, probiotic, fish oil or sports formula we can help you.

Exercise Programs

Are you looking for the motivation to get moving? Let us help you. Whether you want a private yoga or stretching session or prefer to be a group strength session, we have the program for you. Our qualified instructor has over 30 years in the fitness and wellness industry and can help you get your body moving.